About Tai Fenix Roishyn (Kulystin)

Everything is built on relationships.
Through them we discover who we are.

Tai Fenix Kulsytin

All of my work is about relationships. I provide trauma-focused therapeutic coaching, somatic sex education, astrology readings, magical wares and jewelry, and workshops for transformation, liberation, and social change. The coaching and education work I offer is about supporting and enriching the relationships my clients have with themselves, others, and the world. The divination and ritual work I offer is about helping my clients get more in tune with their own life through relationship with the other-than-human world.

I am a trans genderqueer being who is a fat, neuroqueer, kinky, polyamorous, queer witch and sex worker. Culturally, I am white (primarily of English and Irish ancestry with some German, French Canadian, and Eastern European), American, and middle class. I work on the unceded Duwamish and Coast Salish land, now named Seattle, live and work on the ancestral lands of the Noo-She-Chatl band of the Squaxin and Nisqually Tribes, and grew up on the Tlingit and Haida land of Southeast Alaska.

As a student and practitioner of magic and witchcraft for over twenty years, I have a love of bringing the sacred and ritual into all aspects of my life and work. I am a Devotee of Babalon and Hekate, a queer erotic witch, a practical Alchemist, and a member of the Seattle temple of The Fellowship of the Phoenix, a queer hermetic neopagan tradition and non-profit. I am also an initiated Adept in the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, though that order is now closed and I would no longer consider myself a “ceremonial magician,” it still deeply influences my magic. As above; so below.

I started seriously studying tarot and astrology around the same time as magic and witchcraft, though I began my relationship with them while I was still in single digits. I have been giving readings to friends and lovers for most of my life, and began offering professional readings in 2018. I have completed coursework for Austin Coppock’s Fundamentals of Astrology Course Years I, II, and III (Grad Project in progress) and attended¬†classes and courses with Kelly Surtees, Demetra George, Bernadette Brady, and Chris Brennan.

Before all else, professionally and personally, I am dedicated to liberatory, anti-oppressive trauma healing work utilizing somatics, ritual, and pleasure. My life and work is dedicated to anti-oppressive trauma integration and recovery, encouraging and supporting body wisdom awareness, and furthering the healing of relationships with ourselves, others, and the earth.