What to Expect from this Blog

Well, hello there. You have stumbled upon what I hope will one day be a blog, full of posts, audio recordings, and videos that I produce on the subjects of embodiment, pleasure, trauma, power, oppression, relationships, witchcraft, sacred sexuality, magic, astrology, tarot, gender, sexuality, and more. What it is as I am writing this is: supremely empty.

For this first post, I suppose an introduction is in order, as well as a brief description of intention and and some information about my work. I am Tai Fenix Kulystin, a trans genderqueer being who is a fat, kinky, polyamorous, queer witch and sex worker. Culturally, I am white (primarily of English ancestry with some German, French Canadian, and Eastern European), American, and middle class. Professionally and personally, I am dedicated to anti-oppressive trauma healing work utilizing empathy, embodiment, and pleasure. I currently live and work on the unceded Duwamish and Coast Salish land, now named Seattle, and I grew up on the Tlingit and Haida land of Southeast Alaska.

All of my work is about relationships. I provide provide therapeutic trauma coaching, somatic sex education, tarot and astrology readings, ritual design services, writing, and workshops for transformation, liberation, and social change. The coaching and education work I offer is about supporting and enriching the relationships my clients have with themselves, others, and the world. The divination and ritual work I offer is about helping my clients get more in tune with their own life through relationship with the more-than-human world. I want to build a relationship with you and support you in your navigation of relationships.

My work is especially dedicated to supporting queers, trans & non-binary people, survivors of trauma & abuse, BBIPOC folx, sex workers, and people who are chronically ill. I strive to help us all heal from kyriarchal oppression as much as possible while living under it so that we may be able to change it. Everything I do is offered with pricing options for marginalized people that truly adapt to what you can afford. Those who can afford to pay my full rate must, but I truly believe that this work is important for everyone to experience and strive to make it as accessible as possible.

I am unapologetically and radically queer, trans-inclusive, consent-based, sex-positive, feminist, anti-oppressive, trauma-informed, kink-knowledgeable, poly-normative, and non-appropriative in my values. I recognize these values are ideals to continuously strive toward and I desire to create a safer space based upon these ideals. I also recognize that I may fall short of these ideals, and will always welcome feedback on how I can do better.

My goal is for us to learn, grow, and work together to improve the quality of our lives, relationships, and communities. Let’s work together and support each other in the work of healing trauma, embodying our emotions and boundaries more fully, standing in our own power with others, and resisting kyriarchal oppression. To use Charles Eisenstein’s language, I believe in the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible, I want for us all to live there together, and I know sharing tools and resources is one of the ways forward.

So, I hope to share tools and resources with you. Mostly I hope to share my passions with you. The things that keep me up at night thinking about: power, privilege, relationships, embodiment, pleasure, etc. The things that I have training in, that I assist others to understand more deeply about themselves, and that I am still learning to navigate my own self. I don’t have all the answers, but I definitely have a lot of questions. And I have some answers, but I don’t guarantee they are right for you. Hell, I don’t guarantee they are right for me, either, but I’m trying.